Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!! 2009

We loved spending the New year with friends and family. The company, friends and food were awesome. This year we all played games and loved it and laughed till we cried! Balderdash will go down in history as the game that got Brian to cry he was laughing so hard! (gene does wubagurl ring any bells)
Of course my kids had to entertain

Cheej and amber were the featured chefs tonight

Food was awesome!!!!!!!

Here we are waking up our neighbors

Doyle got some REALLY GOOD use out of this horn. Even in the house :)

Emily, Becca and Mom

Me and Brian. can you guess what my New Year's resolution is.......can u say 25

The Goodman's minus Lindsay who was sleepin away in my bed. The worlds greatest neigbors and friends

Mom, Dad and Flo

Cheej and Amber

Little miss K-Sue

Becca is the greatest. she is such a special special friend and I appreciate ALL she does for me. I don't know how I'd get through some of this stuff without her. Sure love ya Bec.

Doyle and Cambry with their Happy New Year top hats on.


TheShumWAYS said...

I enjoyed all your updates! Looks like you had a blast, maybe I'll come to your house next New Years haha

eilsel said...

I am coming to your house next year! Your family is so fun. I miss them!
Tell Becca I said hello. I was friends with Rachel but I always adored Becca.

Nicole said...

What a fun New Year!!!!! I dont know if you got my invite to my blog- if not, email me and let me know- ngonz11@hotmail.com

Jenny Sue said...

How fun!!! C.j looks so good. I really like his hair! Something about it is so flattering to him. In the picture where him and Amber are cooking he looks so much like Gentry! Who is Amber! Come on now...Info! Details! What happened to Jenna?