Monday, January 5, 2009

I love this little boy!!!! No really I do......;)

I told him 3 times to not bounce this wonderfully high bouncy ball in the house cause there were things on the counter that could get knocked over and either spilled or broke (the only thing I was thinking of in my mind was my new scentsy candle burner I got) not like he knew this!!! Bless his little heart he just wanted to see how that awesome bouncy ball would go and let me tell you he knows not only how high it goes but how hard it falls too ;)Photobucket


eilsel said...

HOW on EARTH did Santa keep that one a secret?!?!? You guys are gooood. I wish I was your kid right about now.
I miss you and all of your energy? By the way...How old is Rex? I have a very beautiful single friend...

cluffconstructionclan said...

He is 26 this year. do tell!!!!