Monday, February 4, 2013

WHAT.....Its February!!

Ok so not posting till Feb is totally a reflection of how 2013 is going for me!!  I need it to slow down, just a little bit!
This means that this year we are all going to be one year older,My baby starts preschool while my oldest starts High School....ok im back, I just passed out!!!!  As I send my not so little children out the door to face this world I only hope that they remember somewhat of what they are taught while under my watchful care!  Are they listening to my advice and counsel?  Will that make that "right" choice when temptation is in their midst!!
My goal this New Year is to make Home a place of comfort and joy, understanding and Peace!!
This Feb, I am taking each day of the month and writing something I "LOVE" about them on a Heart and taping it to their door(thank you Pinterest) I have seen their little eyes light up as they come in from school and see what the next heart says, Im doing this for Brian too and what a difference it's made in our day to day relationship!!  I love him more and more as the days pass!!  I'm thankful for him and what he brings to our family!!  I couldn't do half the things I do without his support!!  Im one lucky girl. I AM HAPPY

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