Saturday, July 7, 2012

What do you have to be stressed about

I was asked today "what do you have to be stressed about" that made me mad at first then it made me think!
My Husband
My kids
My kids whole existence
My existence
the welfare of my family
my house
the laundry
things in and around the house that are not done
the health of my family
These are all things that at times really stress me out!!!!  They make me happy, sad, excited, nervous, intimidated, over flowing with love, comforted, exhausted, giddy!  I have a slough of feelings and emotions that these things in my life bring to me on a daily basis. This is my job, my work, this is all I know!!!  and believe me I wouldn't have it any other way, but I think I'm allowed some breaking down moments!!!  It comes with having responsibilities!!!
I read this tonight and it was AMAZING!!!!


The Cluff's said...

Loved the post. You do need to tell me who the heck asked you "what you have to be stressed about" because I think they have a good old fashion toilet papering coming their way!!!!
You are a great mother, an amazing friend and a wonderful person! We all get stressed........I think we should unleash some of our stress on that crazy person that asked you that! Except if it was!

Audrey Spence said...

Oh my goodness I totally feel ya! I get stressed too easily. Sometimes I have to really try to not care about stuff otherwise I'd go crazy. But until we're closer to being out of debt I'm constantly stressing about how bills are gonna get paid and how I'm going to feed my family for two weeks until the next paycheck. But that's life right? :)