Sunday, June 19, 2011

Can you wrap yourself around pain...Cambry did

Tonight is grateful sorrow in so many ways! Is there such a thing! I just dropped my 2nd oldest sweet girl off to my older sister in Globe!!! She is spending 4-5 days there! She loves it, the company, the chores, having Hebbie, Trevor, Cody and Wyatt all to herself! No sharing! I will miss her terribly! She asked right before we went our separate ways if she could call me' even at 1 am if she was scared! You bet I told her! She smiled, gave me' a hug and jumped happily in the truck!! Made my heart happy that she was so happy!!!

The pain in my back is excruciating! It's beyond one Valium, I'm one to one and a half and the knife driving pain is still biting to the bone! I still fill grateful for my trial, can I say that! I just did! I AM!!! my pain got my beautiful baby girl to her aunt Hebbie and uncle Trevor, who she loves!!! And that smile on her face as we said our goodbyes is worth all this pain, ten fold!!! I love you toad! Have a super fun week!!! Luv mom

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The Gooding Family said...

Someone as sweet as you shouldn't have to suffer like this! Sorry you have to deal with it; good for you for seeing the silver lining!