Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This has got to be.......

The most inspiring week EVER!!! It's one of those weeks where the house stays a little bit more cluttered, laundry a little more piled up and dinner a little more on the " take out" side of things! AND It's ok! I've really been focusing on making my children feel more loved and far more appreciated! It's been my goal for this month, to step back and see the major potential my kids really have!! WOW IT'S BEEN AMAZING!! I have had to slow down a bit and not take soooo much for granted!!! I'm trying this in the husband category also!! This has been eye opening for me'!!! I have a new motto for motherhood and it's "example" and I'm trying really hard to stick by this! Treat my family how I'd like to b treated! Do unto them as i would want done unto me!!! My girls have been absolute rock stars since this last bout with my knee! And also my back!!! Yep 34 and already needing to be traded in for a newer model!! Haha
I don't think I was giving them enough credit where credit was due!! I feel like I'm kinda taking motherhood in strides, it's a wonderful feeling, but I also wish I had taken this on when I was a first time mom!!!
I'm now more grateful, sensitive, quiet, reassured, hopeful, thoughtful, and thankful! Even though there ate still days I'd like to scream into a pillow or run out my front door screaming for some help ( that's a funny mental picture right there) I for sure have my days, I'm seeing motherhood in a whole new light! And the future seem to be pretty bright!!!!

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Sue said...

What an awesome example you are to me!! I love you tons!!!