Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The last of Flagstaff pics.....

So when Heather and Trevor and Brian & I first got to Flag. (Shawna and Ben came later that day) we decided to go to this farm place outside of Flagstaff! you get to feed deer and see all different sorts of animals! It was a hott!

They were attacking us from every direction

This camel loved me :) do you blame him ;)

at last minute I opted not to get a kiss from this handsome devil!!

Those are reindeer behind us with social issues

It's a llama! They are the ugliest animals ever

This deer thought Brian still had corn in his pocket!! a little to close for comfort! I had to fight it off

Then they realized Trevor was the man!

This bird was hilarious! I would answer your questions and then if you called it pretty it would yell at you! Go figure

This monkey gave me nightmares! It was tiny and creepy! No thanks little man

Then Heather and I hitched a ride on this ol tractor!

we thought we saw a...................................

Here we are at this restraunt in downtown Flagstaff! It used to be a Hotel that has now been made in to a restraunt /hotel. It was good

The gang partyin

Shawna and Ben

Heather and Trevor

Me and Brian

Then on Saturday we went to the Lava tubes in Flagstaff! Yeah we climbed in that hole and then hiked sometimes on our hands and knees it got so low, for about an hour each way! It was crazy but something everyone needs to try!

Here we all are before the hike in. It was crazy but so much fun!!! Thanks guys for the memories and all the fun!!! Love you all

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