Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Our Reunion!!!

Me and my roommates from college get together every year (we try) and have a firehouse reunion!!! It is so fun to see everyone and spend one on one time with them. Thanks to our honey's and family and friends for making it happen!!! We had so much fun eating at El Charro friday night then going back to Misty's parents house and chillin and laughing!!! I miss these girls and thank you for helping me pull out my non mommy side for a few hours! It was great to just laugh till our sides hurt!!

I don't know what the comment was that was just made, but I wish i did
Here we are after the party!
Eating our Ice cream (okay devouring it)

Of course Mist and I had to feed eachother!!! No I'm not picking her nose


Harriett said...

Too bad I didn't know about this or I could have contributed a video of you and Misty putting makeup on a couple of boys I know quite well! I still have it the video!!! Love ya.

Steph said...

I miss you already!

Arabeth said...

Hey. Looks like you girls had a grande time. I love going out with a bunch of friends. The laughing, the jokes, the remember whens are endless. So I am glad you stopped by my blog. Hope you don't mind me adding you on to my blog list.

The Gooding Family said...

What a lovely picture!

Thanks for a fun night. I always look forward to getting together.

Love ya Tif!