Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Mount Graham trip!!!

I remember when I was younger my mom and dad would take us up to the mountain every Sunday and we would have a picnic or just go for a "ride". It was so fun to be have something to look forward to after church and we loved going up there!!!!
Brian and I try to go up quite a bit with the kids and one of the dogs (we have 4 now remember). The kids love it and with it getting a little warmer outside it makes for a nice cool trip to the mountains.

This is the newest addition to the cluff chaos. This is Duke and what a cutie he is. He is going to get soooooo big I am loving every minute with him being small!!!

Here's a little family pic. Nice signs being thrown at the camera from the girls. They crack me up!!!

Brian and Duke

I loved this pic of Bubba D.

Kaely wanted to take a pic of mom and dad. I think she did pretty good!!!

Then Bubba D said he wanted to take a picture with me and not dad in it!!! Cute huh I hope he feels the same way when he is 16 or 11 for that matter!!!

You didn't know I married the Karate Kid did ya now!!!!

The kaely had to pose of course. Every moment possible she has to throw a pose in there. Love the drama queen age..........

Cam and her peace sign. Gotta love camtoad!!!

Doyle was so sure he was going to chop this tree town and take it home..... you think I'm kidding. Then we told him to watch out cause the tree was starting to lean and he looked up then took off. Enough of that....he was outta there!!! It was so funny

This is where Duke loves to sit after his adventures

The kids wanted to ride in the back of the truck down the dirt road so Brian let them and they loved it!!!

He was sooooo tired.. the kids wore him out. he slept the WHOLE way home!!! Look at his paw. he is going to get so big :(


Steph said...

What a cute family!
I love that mountain. So many memories...

Diana said...

I love those mountains too! I don't care for the ride up and down, but I like being there!

Jenny Sue said...

Fun Fun Fun!!! And Cute dog!! Is he # 2 or 3? Brain takes them hunting right? What do they hunt? And how did your other dog recover from all of those bee stings? I think that what they were. it was awhile ago. It made the poor guys face get all swollen.