Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kaely's 10th B~Day Party (the family one, yes this birthday lasted 2 days)

We had Kaely's birthday party with the family on her "actual" birthday! (oh and Happy Anniversary mom and dad cluff) Kaely was born on my in-laws 25th wedding anniversary!!! It made for a VERY special day!!!

We had lots and lots of family come!!! Thank you to all of those that traveled to make it extra special. I have the BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!
One of the High school students made this cake for Kaely. It was so cute! I hated eating it!!! Plus it makes for some HUGE hips afterward. But, so worth it....YUMMY

My sweet girl is growing up and yes it is really hard to swallow having a 10 year old. Time has totally flown by!!!!

She is getting to the age where she wants to babysit and that is something that i know will happen I just don't know if I'm ready!!!! But ready or not here we come ;)

Little miss Syd~diddy just posin for aunt Tif!!! I could eat her till the cows come home!!!!!!

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