Tuesday, April 7, 2009

General Conference weekend April 09

This year for General Conference we went up to my sisters in Taylor!!! We had a lot of fun! We did crafts in between sessions, Brian took the kids on four wheeler rides and walks and Heather and I cooked some awesome meals. We are going to start our own cooking show. so look for it to air on the cooking channel. April 2010!!!! we are so excited.........k dreaming but excited!

The kids loved decorating their cookies

Heather and I's craft!!!!

oops did this pic twice

The kids and their cookies

One of our yummy meals crock pot chicken

Wyatt was up with us. He was so funny trying to figure the can and can opener thing. He just knew they went together, but HOW

Me and Hebbie by the campfire

Heather and Trevor

Wyatt and Doyle loadin wood. They were so fun together

Cody lovin his marshmellows



Me and Brian

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Sue said...

How blessed Dad and I feel when our children can count on each and be each other's best friends. I love you all and thank you for being my greatest examples!!!!