Thursday, August 7, 2008

My WONDERFUL Hubby!!!!

My sister had a Tag on her blog and she added pictures to it and I thought it was really cute so I am stealing her wonderful idea, Thanks Shamoms
What is his name? Brian David
How long have you've been married? 10 1/2 yrs ( from the looks of this pictures it looks like it's been longer huh;)

How long did you date? A VERY LONG 1 yr 2 months and 14 days ;)

How old is he? 32 1/2

who eats more sweets? I do

Who said "I love you" 1st? I did

Who is taller? He is and I love it cause i love looking up at him!!! Just thought I'd throw that in there HEHEHEHEHE

Who can sing better? Me, but when I am prego and getting poked for the umpinth time with IV'S he sings me the song from pillow talk with Rock Hudson and Doris Day "you are my insperation" and it helps me to mellow out and sort of relax. I love him so much for that!!!!

Who is smarter? WOW, he has that one hands down!!!

Who does laundry? I do except for when I'm pregnant of wait not even then cause his mom does it.. or my mom. so yeah he never does

Who pays bills? we both do

Who sleeps on the right side? He does
Who mows the lawn? we both do but he does it more
Who cooks dinner? I do, except for the prego thing again then its ranch sandwiches and ramen:0
Who drives? we both do
Who is more stubborn? I think he is but I'm sure if he read this then it would be me SO yeah we'll just leave this one alone!!!!

Who kissed 1st? sly dog, he did after asking me to go on a walk with him out by his house overlooking the city 5 days after he got home off his mission!!!
Who asked who out first? I asked him out first

Who proposed? I almost did, but he beat me to it!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA long story, that's a whole other post!

Who has more siblings? He does, I have 4 and he has 6

Who wears the pants? Wow that is a tuffy...........It depends on what time of the month it is.......for........Yeah

What do you love most about him? The way he makes me laugh. Wheather it's some stupid face he makes (photo below) or getting my goat as he puts it. I love that he loves me so much and he never lets me doubt that. He is a great father to our 3 beautiful children and he looks on the bright side of everything. He is so optimistic about everything .............. He is my insperation and I feel so blessed to have him for eternity. He gives 110% to our realtionship .....................

and I love him more today then i did 10 years ago. He has shown me that our trials only make us stronger.........

and that it's up to us and our attitude on how we deal with them that is either going to make us or break us........

I love you babe and I am so glad you're mine!!!!!!!!!


Shawna said...

Awww so sweet! Good job on the post Fiffy. I think Brian is fantastic myself!

Diana said...

You are such a thoughtful wife!

Mary Ann said...

you are so pretty! that was so fun to read.. you deserve a good hubby and i'm glad you got one! cute pics... and i love the girls school pictures. they look adorable!

Sue said...

Dad and I are SO grateful for this union. We also love Brian more today than when you met! As we do Ben and Trevor, look out Rex and C.J. there is some tough hunting ahead to match what your sisters have found.
Love to you all!!!!!!

touch of glass said...

That was fun to read. Where is my credit for putting you two together! If there wasn't me there wouldn't be you two!! Ha Ha I'm glad you two have each other and now we have you in our family! Your the best Tif!

Kristen P. said...

So cute! We are all glad you two are together!

Andy or Laisa said...

That was awesome Tif - I might have to steal that from you :D......that's a really fun tag to read.