Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kaely's in 4th Grade!!!

Kaely is 9 and in the 4th grade now and loves it. This was her first day of school pic (nice pose huh) She is so fun at this age and is a huge help to me. She loves to read chapter books and is doing really well in spelling this year. Her goal this school year is to get all A's and she wants to get better at her spelling and math. she loves her teacher Mrs. Hardy and has her 2 best friends Charlotte Petterson and Amber Judd in her class this year. which she is so so so excited about. She can't wait till mom and dad start leaving her alone to babysit the little sibs but that won't be happening for another 2 years much to her dismay. She loves baby's and loves to go over to her aunt Amy's and help out with Jarred. I can't believe how time fly's and I wish I could keep her with me forever but we all know that can't happen. she has a heart of gold and loves to make people feel good about themselves. I love you K-Sue

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The Gooding Family said...

Hi Tif!I enjoyed your new posts~ your kids are looking so grown up these days, what in the heck?! I love the pic of the girls together in their matchy matchy clothes. Cute!! If I could match Emma and Paisley, I would! Anyway, fun catching up on your blog, hope you are OK without your hubby for a few days. Which sisters house are you going to?