Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween parties 2009

Doyle loved all the Halloween parties that went on that day!!!!
Me and Kaely at her party for school,(sorry bout the horrible pic, it's kinda hard to smile with 9 coldsores)

Kaely's teacher Mrs. Kerby was awesome!!!

Cambry's teacher Mrs. Pryor, we love every bit of her. She is amazing!!!!

Cambry and Doyle strikin a pose!! He was done with his costume by now and dressed himself;)

Cambry's has a therapy dog mija who is in her room 100% of the time with the kids! She is an amazing dog and loves loves loves the kids. She was subjected to being a cave women with Mrs. Pryor and left the mullet wig on the whole time!!!

Cam loves this dog and when she is in the room Mrs. Pryor calls her auntie cambry and Mija loves it!!! It is so fun to watch these two interact!!!

Mrs. Pryors 2nd grade class

Mija aka mimi, meemers

Kaely and Doyle before the parade started

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Jenny Sue said...

The kids all look so cute! I'm so sorry about those coldsores! That honestly has to kill!!