Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's Christmas.....FiNaLLy

Grammie told the kids this year that when she was a little girl she would make up a skit to put on for her parents Christmas eve night and that helped take up sometime on Christmas Eve to make the day go by faster. So Kaely wrote the play and they put it on for us that night. It was so funny to watch Doyle pretend to read off the paper, the girls had to whisper to him what his line was..

Christmas Eve night
A very excited Cambry..... The Wii was a big hit this year
Dad bein Hot
Doyle and his Leapster, he loves this thing
Cam so excited again
Kaely just opened her Nintendo DS........Just what she asked for
Lip Sync'n with the Wii
Toad just bein cute
I love his face
The kids opening their gift from Mom and Dad, we surprised them with a trip to Lakeside where we rented a cabin and Brian took the girls Snowboarding up at Sunrise ski resort!!

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Sue said...

What a fun time and what precious faces.....all of them!!!!
Thanks for sharing the memories!!!!