Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tis another day...........yippppppyyyy

Cam and mom 2008
I feel like taking on the world in the mornings (after I've had my bowl of mini shredded wheat of course) I am excited to see what I can accomplish on this crisp morning in Jan. what will it be today.............

Brynlee's room needs quite a bit of attention!

I have laundry screaming at me everytime I round the corner to my laundry room!

The office needs organizing!.......papers, papers, paper oh and did I mention PAPERS!

More Christmas stuff I still need to part with!

Closets need to be organized!

Bathrooms need to be straighened

Where oh where to begin............this is only the start of all this chaos going on in my house right now!!! One day at a time, right?


Cheryl said...

Is Brynlee what you are naming your new baby?? If so, it's So CUTE!

Tifani said...

Brynlee Dawn is her name!!! Brian wanted to use my middle name as her middle name! It's not my fav, but I love Brynlee too!!!

Jenny Sue said...

Way cute! I love the name Brynlee Dawn! That is beautiful! And I love that your spelling Brynlee with a 'y'.

Steph said...

One day and one thing at a time. Glad to see you are feeling better!

Farris said...

Hi Tiff. So glad you are feeling better!! I don't know how you do it getting that sick. Brynlee is an adorable name, I'm sure she will be an adorable little girl too.

Sue said...

What???????? I thought Dawn was an adorable middle name and I think Brynlee Dawn is precious so fav or not you are stuck with it, TIFANI DAWN!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!!!