Saturday, January 23, 2010

Me and Bubba D

This was at Doyle's program he had for school and I am just getting around to posting about it!!!
I love my little man! He is getting so dang big and I hate it! I wish we could keep them in a bubble for ever at this age. I love how he loves to get dirty with dad, but at the days end he is all mama's boy. He tells me all the time just randomly, "mom, I love you, You are my favorite mom"
Funny story that I was going to have a picture to go with but decided against taking the photo out of embarrasment for him, He sleeps with Brian and I on most nights without us knowing about him coming in of course and the other night He wet our bed, I was so mad, when I figured out that one my water hadn't broke and two Brian hadn't done it, but Doyle was fast asleep in the middle of us mostly on my side thank you very much, but when Brian figured it out too he jumped up and turned on the light, we both looked at the bed and I kid you not there was a perfect wet spot on the sheet that was the shape of a huge HEART!!!!! Is that love or what!!!!


The Cluff's said...

Now that is talent if you ask me! I love the rainbow pics. Awesome, full rainbow! And I love the pics of Brian and Doyle getting ready to hunt. Doyle looks so happy to be getting to go. Once you have Brynlee (sp?) let's have Brian takes us all out 4X4in' OK?

Jenny Sue said...

Oh my heck! I would have been terrified it was my water! That would have been bad!

The Gooding Family said...

LOL that's a pretty funny story and I am sure he'll thank you some day for having a photo to prove it!

Anonymous said...
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