Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kaely.....I love you

Tonight I am not feeling so hot! My knee hurts and well I am frankly tired of being in a pregnant state! We got home from Becky's taking more pics(can't wait to show you these) and I am tired! Still have homework to do and baths and it feels like it's 10:30pm. We came in the door and Kaely bless her little heart dished up the kids dinner and as I type this just brought me a plate of food and asked if there was anything else that she could get for me! I feel like sometimes I am really grouchy and don't stop to see all the positive going on around me, I am grateful for this special girl in my life who is a great help to me, I am thankful for my three beautiful children that I have been blessed with and all the happiness they bring to me! Sure it's not always peaches and cream but I need to stop more and look at all the things around me that bring me happiness and that is my family!!!!


The Gooding Family said...

What a sweet daughter you have! Get to feeling better, Tif! It's so fun to see the pregnancy counter winding down! Miss you!

Erin Hackett said...

Kaely is so sweet! Hope you feel better Tif.