Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kaely's 11

this is the cutest bunch of girls!!! Kaely has the funnest friends!!!

Here we all are playing the lifesaver on a toothpick game!! It was so funny to watch all these girls

Kaely and Shellby racing
Brooke and Makenzie racing
Sexy pose!!!!
Kaely's bestie Brooke Layton
The doughnut game!!! They we so hilarious!!!
Charlotte Peterson
Erin Hackett
They had to open a box of candy that Becca wrapped like 50 x's with duct tape and wrapping paper. BUT, they had to do it with oven mits on and 2 knives (butter Knives)
Kiersten's face were hilarious!!! I was dying laughing. she is just like her mama, a party!!!!

She was so excited about this gift!!! Yep, Kaely sue is now Shaving her legs, someone slap me please!!!

Happy Birthday KSue we love you!!!!!


JENN said...

K, that looks like it was a fun party. Really shaving her legs...I am way too chicken to let Jalyn start! I am so sorry I didn't stop by to meet your sweet baby girl. I have been sick:( I will call soon!
Good luck with the sleep thing. Have you tried a moby wrap? They are awsome!!!

Sue said...

Can't believe she is 11!!!! It is so comforting to know her friends are so awesome and will need to rely on each other through out their lives!!!
I am so proud of K-Sue and I love you so much!!!!!

Arabeth said...

What a fun eventful party! Has she been begging you to shave?

Erin Hackett said...

oh my gosh that was such a fun party.Everyone was so funny! Thanks for being my friend kaely and letting me be apart of your life. Tif you a sooo fun to be around I freakn love your family!

Heather Johnson said...

I hope you get this message. This is Heather from Family Volley. I just wanted to thank you for your comment today. I was so touched by your success story. It helped me remember how important it is to set the tone each day in our home. To set the tone with myself, so that I can help set the tone for my family. I loved reading through your blog. Especially the story/poem about mothers who are "chosen" to have premature babies.

It is true, the Lord is in all the details of our lives.

Thanks again for reading. I hope to see you on Family Volley again.