Monday, May 24, 2010

A few more pics of the Prophet

The "Original" crew, this is who we started out with and then it just grew and grew!!!
Brian Dad and Me and Brynlee talking to President Eyring!!! He is a neat neat man! And so dedicated to the Prophet!! He is so sincere
Here is President Monson giving Cambry a high five
Then he kept a hold of her hand! This was when she told me she would never wash that hand again! He is so sweet, and he loves kids!!!
Me talking with President Eyring! He was telling about the Temple and what a blessing it will be in our lives!!! He thanked Brian again here for the work they did!!
This was Elder Holland trying to get me to understand just how fast they all had to stop, he was sure there was going to be a 5 car pile up and that it was going to end up in the church news for sure!!! I love this man!!!
President Monson was so cute!!!

I was so afraid that he was going to lose his footing and fall back, he was a little tippsy when they first arrived, we later learned that they had a pretty rough flight over!!!


Jenny Sue said...

You lucky lucky lucky people! Living in Salt Lake we really don't get opertunity's like that. People think we do, so we get last pick on conference tickets and stuff. Just seeing these pictures made me tear up. I'm so glad your kids got to meet the Prophet and some of the Apostles!! The closest we get is in the 24th Of july perade. But to hold Pres. Monson up! To visit with them like that. You are very lucky!

Aaron and Sharee said...

I am WEndy Goodings friend and I just wanted to than kyou for sharing. I so enjoyed reading and seeing your experience. I hope you don't mind, I am sharing it in my talk today as an example of the one on one attention the prophet gave us while he was here. Thanks!!

JENN said...

K, I am super jelous! Why didn't we think of coming up for that? My friend is Elder Ballard's niece, so she gets experiences like that quite often,hoe lucky huh? You are blessed to share in such a rare occasion. I sure miss you too!!!