Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

My mothers Day was good!!! I wish that Brynlee would have given me a Mother's Day and slept all night but such was not the case!!! She thinks she has to be held 24/7 so needless to say we are working on the putting her down as soon as she falls asleep today!!! So far no luck!!! ;(

Brian got me a Cricut Expression and I love it! Only bad thing is that I have a baby that won't let me put her down long enough to start a project so I guess I'll have to do projects while Brian is home so he can watch her!!!! I love my Hubby!!!!

The kids all wrote me little notes while at church and they made me laugh, they were so stinkin cute!!!
You are like shining in the Darkest night! I love you so much. Thank for all you do!
Cambry~Dear Mom,
I love the way your eyes sprakl
I wood not take a sekent (second) to not look at you! Love cambry Cluff
Doyle~I love you Mom

I love being a mom, it takes a lot out of you but like my mother in law always says, Motherhood is not for wimps!!!
I am so thankful for my family and all the happiness that they bring to me!!!

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