Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Gila Valley Arizona Temple groundbreaking

This was so neat to go and see! I had never been to a groundbreaking before and it was awesome. To think that we won't have to make a day out of attending the Temple. We'll have one of our own right in our backyard. WE are so excited. This Temple is going to be small but so so beautiful I can't wait

This was President Neil Anderson!! He and his wife Sis. Anderson were so neat!!
This is what our Temple will look like!!

I love that the shovels are gold

Me and Brian!! It was freazing that morning. When we got there at 7:00am it was 26 degrees. we were so cold but it was worth it!!


The Truschke Three-O said...

We so wanted to go but leave it to basketball to ruin a moment in history! How amazing!

Sue said...

We can all be together in the Temple and have our families from Willcox and all over be with us in a short period of time.
I love having our Temple here and what an amazing time it will be!!
Don't forget to include our family names as part of the 50,000 President Herrington wants us to collect for our Temple!!
Love to all our families!!!

Steph said...


Nicole said...

You are so lucky to have one so close now!!!!