Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cambry's party....journaling but enjoy (ton's of pics)

Cam's party was so fun. We did a horse pinata and then everyone wrote one wish and one thing they were thankful for and we put them in balloons and then let them go. The kids loved that!!!

We hid stuff in hay and they had to find it!

Then we took pictures on make shift horses...Ashley

Bubba D







Cowboy Brian

Here they all are letting their balloons go

up up and away....

This was her decorations inside

I loved this note that Kaely gave her with 7 bucks in it!!! Cute HUH :)

The wish letters I made....

I love this...she's thought really hard.....and long

Bubba D after his cupcake....can you tell

Me and Brian with our BIG 7 year old....Holy cow how time flies


Cheryl said...

How fun! Time does fly doesn't it! Our Cambrie turns 7 in June.

Wendy said...

How cute is that?! Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

Absolutely LOVE the birthday card!

Christine said...

What a really neat part! Happy birthday Cambry!