Monday, July 11, 2011


the top pic shows the best color the yellow really is! I am in the process of painting the major rooms in my house this color!! I love it
my little office space

Holy organization!!! she is amazing
So we are back from Washington and we had a blast!! I will blog about that in a bit but first I have to show you what I came home to!
I freaked out!!!!!
Amanda my sweet sweet friend surprised me with an office makeover while I was in Washington and I LOVE IT!!!!!
I just find myself sitting in here, it is so amazing! The yellow in that last photo looks really bright but you get the jist of it!!!!!


Wendy said...

Can I give her my keys and head out for a week? Amazing! I love all your decorations! It's all so cohesive and looks fabulous!

Audrey Spence said...

I love that color! I want to do my kitchen a color like that. I love to be in my kitchen and I need a happy color like that to keep me happy while I'm cookin'! Too bad I just can't do it until Charlotte decides to be a good listener (yeah, maybe when she's 10) because she would be a mess! But someday... I would love to have that color in my home. Gorgeous!