Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Shoes for Haiti

This makes me want to go over to this place and take everybody under my wing and try some way to help them out! So I have decided to make it a goal to collect as many pairs of shoes as I can by the end of the month to send over to Haiti! I hope to find kids, baby, men and women shoes of all sizes! click on the button on my side bar called soles 4 souls and see what you can do to help also! Even if I found just one pair of shoes and knew that it went to this person I would feel justified, but I know I can do more! Doyle is sitting here watching me type this and he keeps saying " mommy, poor poor person!!" This is a learning moment for the kiddos too! So let's do what ever we can!!!!

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The Gooding Family said...

Wow. That picture brings tears to my eyes. We are such a blessed nation!