Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cambry's special day!!!! It's GREAT to be 8

me, cam and Brynlee Feb 2010
Cambry's baptism just happen to be on her birthday this year and it was a really neat day!!! She kept telling me after the baptism and on the way home that she just felt different but she liked the way she felt!!! We are so proud of her for making the decision the get baptized! She is a special little girl and we feel so blessed to have her in our family!!!
Our little family photo
This is what happens when you have been on your feet all day and you are 7 1/2 months Prego! I love the lines indented from my shoes!!! Oh the joys
Cambry opening up her presents!

Blowin out the candles
we love you Cam
The kids were like animals with the cake!!! It was so funny!!!
Daddy did a good job of cuttin the cake! Dang look at that BELLY, I had to give Brynlee proof she was at her sisters birthday and even enjoyed some cake!!!

Cam's favorite Grandma's

Nice shot!!! You go girl sportin that pink!!!!


Jenny Sue said...

CUTE!!! All of these shots are so cute! And I LOVE your toe nails. Did you do those your self? I'm impressed.

Steph said...

You look wonderful!
Do you realize we have the same family 2 girls, boy, big gap and then a princess babydoll girl? Weird!

Sue said...

It was a fantastic weekend and we love Cam so much for being the special young lady she is (looks really hot in her western outfit too)!
Love to all the families (Cluffs and Gardners)!!!

Farris said...

Love it Tiff, you are a cute prego girl! Can't wait to see pictures of this cute little baby girl!