Friday, February 12, 2010

"Let them Be Little"

So the song "Let them be little" is REALLY ringin in my ears these last few days!!! Every night while I am TrYIng to find a comfortable position I turn over to find this sleeping right against my back! WHAT THE!!!! I know I should be loving the fact that he wants to be right next to mom and dad cause there WILL come a time when those nights are no longer there, but Oh my gosh can't it be after I am not sleeping with a Watermelon in my GUT!!! I know, I know suck it up Tif, Right? I just need to look at these pics and remember that one day I will give AnYThIng for him to want to have AnYtHInG to do with me!!!! Notice the CKC shirt that he is wearing!!! He HAS to wear his DAD"S work shirts to be and this is becoming an every night occurrence!! SO sweet!!!

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Jenny Sue said...

Cute! He's been the 'baby' for a long time. And he wont be in a few weeks. He is probably getting in every moment he can. You the baby. Even though he's never admit to it.