Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Chill time.....

Cambry came running in this morning before her ride showed up and said it was really cold and she needed a coat!!! It is beginning to look a lot like fall......the trees are changing and the air has a bite to it now!!! I hear some of my family in Utah and other places are enjoying the first falls of snowflakes, "what the"....I am glad we don't have the fluries falling upon us I'm not that good with the cold cold snow!!! And Brian would love to move to colorado or Montana, not to sure of that.....or like that would ever happen!!!! So I guess I don't have to worry about that.
I am so excited however that I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and that this is moving along somewhat for me. Right now it's Funyuns with Twist Ice cream cones that tickle my fancy. I don't think the scale will have a problem on the 8th at my dr's appt of tipping to the higher number!!!!! Can't there be something else that I crave like fruit and salad!!! Not with this one! Thank goodness the colder weather is soon arriving so that I can cover myself up a little and not look to huge!!!! Is that possible?!


Arabeth said...

Don't you love this part of the year? You are sounding like you are beginning to feel better. So glad!

The Gooding Family said...

Hey, how are you feeling?! 16 weeks, waahooo!

It is true, we had our first "real" snowfall today, on my my b-day!! That's a first...the kids sure loved it!