Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hospital Stay 9/11-9/15

I am posting from when I was in the Hospital in Mesa, Shawna took some pics that I didn't know about until I looked on her blog and decided to show you all what a fun and excited time I had There (NOT)

Shamoms to a picture of me right after i was given my dose of Benedryl..... I loved that stuff

Then she was forced to fend for herself until it wore off...(a couple of hours) I have the best sister in the world!!!! Sorry I missed out on all the fun...............

Now that's how to entertain yourself. You're the best shamoms

This was taken just before she left. Shawna thanks so much for staying the night with me that Firday night. And thank you for holding my hand while I puked and empting my puke bowl. I wish I was more up for laughing and all but like you said. laughing leads to ya so much and thanks again.


Diana said...

My goodness Tif! Did you have this hard of a time with your other pregnancies? I am so sorry! But glad to hear you are starting to feel better! I didn't even realize you were pregnant! Congratulations! Hope it is all up hill from here on out!

Abby said...

My goodness - I'm so sorry you've got it rough. Just think how cute and snuggly that baby is going to be, right?!

Anonymous said...

Tiff, I wish I was down there to help you out!! I hope everything will get a little better...what a TROOPER you are!! You will always be my favorite Tiff!!! Love,
Connie Gunnell