Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom.....We love you!

We had a little birfday party for mom the weekend of her birthday!!!!
I cooked the dinner and we just pretty much vegged. The kids loved seeing Grammy Leighton who was there for the week getting the caterac removed from one of her eyes!!! It was fun spending time with her as we don't see her very often, and she only lives 45 min away in Willcox, go figure ;>
Brynlee was helping MIMI blow out her candle, I couldn't remember how old Mimi was so we put a ? mark for the candle, very fitting!!!!
Then Bryn slept forever and when she woke she had peed all up her little dress, so she became she favorite person, NAKED BABY!!!! I love it
Couldn't you just eat that up!!!!! We need a bra for those bad boys!!!!!
She was talkin and talkin....she had just so much to say!!!
Then papa took over and fed this starving child.... I love this picture of her holding on to papa's hand
Of course Kipp had to give her kisses.... He is so good with her
Grammy chillin
Kipp and Grammy became quite the Buds the week she was here!!!
Nice bruise Weez...Love ya Mom
Mom and Grammy
Dad was leaned back in his chair and mom decided to pin him down for a photo Opp.. Cute pic though!!!
Just cuteness
Kipp's favorite place to be while dad is in his chair!!!!
just playin
Brynlee was laughing so hard when mom would put her on Doyle's shoulders... so sweet

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