Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part two of the Reunion......The Beginning

So I wish that I would have taken pictures of the night we left for the Reunion on Thurs, when we stopped in Laveen to pick up Shamoms and the kids, after we got about 35 min outside of Flagstaff my car decided to lose all horsepower and we were at a standstill on the side of the Freeway for about an hour!!! My handy Mr. fix it got the car up and running after a few tugs and pulls of some wires, 5 hot kids, using our phones for flashlights, dumping shawna's bag out on the side of the freeway looking for a pair of tweezers, using the tip of a pen (which broke, but didn't know it at the time and when it didn't do what he needed it to, put it in his back pocket which bleed all over him and onto my leather seat) 5 hot kids, no water bottles, no tools (hey it's a girls car) did I mention 5 hot kids, an Ipod that was dead so no movie, Nintendo Ds's that were dying!!!! No wonder there were no pictures being taken, and all the while Brian never lost it with any of us, but after we got the car up and running we stopped at the next gas station and yep you guessed it, we got water bottles, alot of them, a flashlight, a toolbox for my car ( I wanted pink, but yeah whatever) a rockstar, chocolate, hey priorities right, and then it was off the Flag......... what the &)%*&^)

Bubba D: "Hey mom take my picture with me looking at you like this"
Miss Bryn was a huge hit the next morning!!!!
She and auntie Nana got to be quite the friends

I am so glad that we had her there to entertain all of us!!!
Me and Shawna post getting ready!!!! We are so pretty!
and then the fun started......wait I think we were having fun before this, but whatever

Jumping is our family fave

The caravan!!!! Dad is in front and Heather and Trevor are in front of us!!!
Poor Shawna got stuck in back with all the kids the WHOLE trip!!!! She was a rockstar
Brian...... MMMMMMMMMM
The last few pick are of Brynlee keeping Shawna entertained, I am so glad that we brought her!!!!
CCCCCHHHHHHEEEEEWWWWW......Shawna was snapping pics and got leelee sneezing, it was so funny!!!
Oh my gosh I could eat her up......leelee too!!!

Then it was time to pause on the fun and fill the pants, yummy

and then that wore her out so she slept, this baby slept so much and was the best out of the 5 kids we had in the car......go figure

Our jumping shot in front of the UTAH sign
Ber and Cheej, hating us by this time!!!! By this time we ditched Doyle and Theron and made them ride with Mimi and papa and Flo and we traded for Ber and Cheej, sssshhhh, they were alot more fun to ride with
I love love love this girl!!!! Ber you're the greatest!
Shamoms and cheej
Me trying to make the trip go faster

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Jenny Sue said...

Cute! your little Brynlee is so so so cute! She is very beautiful!!! I love the pictures of her. From the looks of how Theron and Sid are with her, I think they wouldn't mind having a baby around more often. haha We'll see I guess. lol