Wednesday, August 4, 2010

See you soon my sweet friend.......never goodbye

Funny pic here but trying to make light of what was about to come. I was so sad to say goodbye to my Best Friend of 18 yrs, Misty!!!!! We have seen it ALL her and I and our friendship gets stronger and stronger as the years go by!!!!
She moved to Alaska a couple of weeks ago and even though we haven't actually lived in the same town for close to 5 years now it still seems like I've always had her just a hop and a skip away, now not so much! I am so excited to go see her and can't wait to give her a ginormous hug, Alaska just seems sooooo much further away, oh wait it is!!!! ;)
Thanks Mist for being the greatest friend ever, I love ya tons and can't wait to see ya!!!! Miss u


Sue said...

Friends are the way Heavenly Father lets us have more family!!!
I love Misty also and remember the first time I met her! You introduced me and she said, "Oh I have a new mom"!!!! I am also grateful for her influence and devotion to you, Tif!!!

The Lewis Family said...

Talk about tears! Thank you both! You are a part of my life and always will be. I know that Tif and I were great friends in Heaven and meant to find each other here on Earth. We have been through soooo much together. Thanks for everything! We will see each other before you know it. Love and Miss You!!!