Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOPE............alcohol was not involved

On Sat the 24th of July I left the kids with Brian, who got the kids to the parade with a few bales of hay for the float and headed to Globe with my mom to pick Heather up for our little weekend getaway!!! We met Heather at the Taco Bell and followed her to Roosevelt to leave her truck at her in laws while we were gone! This is what we hit right after turning off to head to the lake, it rained like no other!!!! and I HATE driving in the rain, I don't mind too much riding in it, but driving, I hate it!!!! This is Heather ahead of us and at times all you can see are her taillights, she LOVES driving in it!!!!

This is the calmest our trip got!!!!
The beautiful aftermath,
Me chauffeuring everyone around!
Me and Hebbie cheesin for the camera
Oh don't let her fool you..... All hell is about to break loose
We aren't as calm and collected as we look...... Don't judge us

Oh photo...... chill
K resume

Heather seriously laughed so hard she either cracked a rib or strained a muscle, k coughing didn't help much either....

Some one please put us to bed..... we are BEYOND exhausted

The cheesecake.....
it just fueled the fire

Shamoms about to pee her pants
This ones for you Dra
I tried...

Come here lova boy

Excessive laughing causes you to........
*Pee Pants.....okay almost
*Crack a rib
*receive dirty looks from the people at the table across from you
*Kiss a pig
*get a headache
*come to fast around a corner and almost cross 4 lanes of traffic
*Do a leprachaun kick....or try to


Shawna said...

I can't believe you posted some of those! Hilarious!
You forgot to mention the nasty bug at the gas station that was the same size as a BMP.

I sure miss you guys. Would you come up here already!

Jenny Sue said...

hahahahahahaha LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

JENN said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!