Thursday, September 11, 2008

You were the your just a mom!

I was hanging my clothes up in my closet just now and Doyle was looking at a picture that i have of me and Brian on our wedding day that is on one of my shelves in the closet. He says to me

D: Mom this is you?

M: yep, that is the day I married daddy.

D: You were the princess?

M: I guess i was, that was so nice to say to mommy son!

D: Now you are just a mom :0

I didn't know quite what to say but I guess we have to princesses before we can become mommies. Cause you can't be a princess and a mommy is that what he's telling me. Oh well I can't be to hard on myself......Cinderella became a princess ;)


Farris said...

That's so funny, Koye has said the same thing to be about being a princess on my wedding day. Hey....we can all still be princesses, right!?

Lacey said...

That is really a cute story. Hey I was wondering the name of that bow maker thing you had at the reunion? I tried to find it on but had no luck. THanks girl.

Alene said...

You are not a princess, you're the QUEEN! Even better, right!

The Gooding Family said...

Awww, that is adorable. He is such a sweet boy. I like Alene's comment, you're the QUEEN!

While I am fun that you and Brian got to go to San Diego! I think every couple should get away at least once a year and reconnect!

Kam said...

Hey Princess the heck are you? I just stumbled across your blog and had so much fun seeing pics of your kiddos. Hope you are doing well!

Sue said...

Actually, being a mommy has more royality to it so we are princesses when we are little, then queens when we are first married, THEN we are MOMMIES!! I loved reading these comments and sent my love to each of these wonderful MOMMIES !!!!!