Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flo's Birthday Bash!!!! Happy 26th (62nd)

Happy Birthday Flo!!!!

Cheej and Theron and Doyle had way to much fun playing in what was left of Flo's Ice Cream cake!

The aftermath....

Theron couldn't get it in fast enough.....little cutie

Cheej lifted both the boys up so they could (dive in)

We love you cheej
Auntie Nana so sweet!
The host of the party....Wheres the maid and whose cleaning up after the houligans

Cheej attacking Sydiddy and her acting like she didn't want him too!!! I love this little girl
Sydiddy telling papa all about Barbie

The man of my dreams...kinda corny I know but I really am serious
Us all attacking Cheej as he walks in the door
and so it continues...poor C.J

We love our new cameras so we took pictures of eachother taking pictures HAHAHA so fun

The party animals

Cute Sydney and Cambry enjoying their cake
Bubba D and T-Ron

Me posing!!!!!

The Princess....isn't she so cute

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Mary Ann said...

Look how fun your family is! You are so cute!!