Sunday, September 7, 2008

San Diego 2008

Well here they are the pics from our San Diego trip. We had so much fun and ate some really good food and saw some beautiful sunsets. This was a little resteraunt that we ate on our first day there. It was so good we had the best shrimp and crab fondue. It was divine. It was called Brigatones. I think thats it's spelled. I don't know why this is underlining things now but oh well..... enjoy the picutres...

Our first Lesbian wedding right by the Hotel Del Coronado...It was beautiful..............LOL

I want to come back and go to this spa. La-Di-Da......

This was on Saturday and we went to the San Diego Temple and loved loved loved it. It is such a beautiful Temple. We were able to do a session and then sit in the Celestial Room and just feel of the spirit that was there, we had some really neat experiences and can't wait to go back again really soon. After the Temple we wanted to keep that feeling with us so we decided to go to the Beach. It was so nice. I loved everything about this day!!!

This is us and the view from our room. Our Hotel was right on Mission Bay. We Love Love Loved this trip. We felt like when we were dating and would stay up till all hours of the night laughing and watching movies. It was so much fun and we realized that these little getaways need to happen more often for us to reconnect. Brian was completely stress free and so was I and that made for the greatest time. He is so good to me and I love him even more as time goes on, I didn't think it was possible to love him more than the day we got married. He treats me like a princess, I loved having all his attention for 5 whole days. I got really spoiled cause when we got home and he had to go back to work I was having withdrawls but he would text me and tell me he loved me just out of the blue and that made up for it. I love this guy. I am so glad that he is my Best Friend. Love you Babe

This was our view from the window at Joe's Crab Shack, isn't that breathtaking. I want that view from my Kitchen window

Here are a few pics of our getaway. It's not all of them but I will post the rest tomorrow. This was taken when we went out to eat at night by the ocean. It was so good... This was for Brian's birthday

This was a ltittle ferry outside our hotel room. We never made it for a ride cause it was closed but man was it pretty at night

This seafood place Anthony's was SOOOOOO good. My bor in law told us about this place and so we thought we'd try it and boy we were we glad we did. YUMMY!!!!!

Here is one of the ferry's we took around mission beach it was so neat and the skyline was beautiful

Here I am on the ferry nice pic huh...... and here we are trying to look like we were dead by the end of our trip when really we were so rested loving this trip that we are totally lying in this pic HAHAHAHAHAHA We were actually suppose to fly out early Monday morning and we were having so much fun Brian called the airline and got us a flight to leave at 8:50 pm we got into pheonix at 10:30 and were home at 3:00am on Tuesday. We were on such a high (me mostly from the 2 energy drinks I had on the way home so Brian could sleep since he has to be up at 4:30 to be to work at 5:30) it was so fun.


Shawna said...

Yay! Pictures! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Good job with the pictures! I'm glad you finally have a camera that works. Let's see some pics of the kids!!!!

Farris said...

That looks like so much fun Tif. Nice tan there you hot mama! I'm pretty much a white girl up here.

nellsq said...

Get away trips with the hubby are the best. Glad you had a geat time!

Mary Ann said...

What a dream vacation!! I love get-aways.. there is nothing better for a relationship! I feel just like you about falling more in love with my hubby all the time! Did you stay at del cornado? we stayed there once and it is amazing!!