Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Molasses Memories!!!

My Grammie Leighton was visiting us for about 3 weeks and having her so close by brought back alot of memories for me. First and foremost was when she made her Molasses cookies and yep I got the reciepe. These little cookies brought the memories of me as a little girl living in a hick town called Willcox. (no offense to the family still there;)
I remember always coming into Grammies house and knowing there would ALWAYS be cookies in her glass brown cookie jar. It reminds me of the many christmas's spent at Grammies and Pupa's house with Gigi eating her raindeer candycane's and big bowls of homemade eggnog, the talent shows and pupa reading the christmas story. Then we would all go outside and see Santa and his reindeer flying over grammies and rush home to our bedroom with christmas lights hanging in our room with a little christmas tree. The smell of Grammies has been permiating through out my house for the last couple of days and I love how much that brings back. I love listening to good ol frank sinatra and all the old timers. I love to listen to that music and just reminis. Wow too think cookies brought all this on, but hey if you tasted them and smelled your house as they were cooking, you would always want them in your cookie jar too!!!!!!


eilsel said...

Mmmmmm....Those cookies look good! I have to tease you about calling Wilcox a "hick town". You LIVE in SAFFORD! Ha ha ha! I guess Safford does feel kind of big compared to Wilcox. I still call Midland a small town and we are well over 100,000. I guess it is all a matter of perspective.

Diana said...

I have been meaning to tell you for a long time that I use the Willcox cookbook all the time and your Grandma's peanut butter cookies are our favorites!!!

Who still lives in Willcox from your family?

Diana said...

DUH! I knew Jonathan lived there. I thought your grandma moved back east...did she for a little while or am I making that up??? :-)

We are good! I just haven't had a very good computer till now. But I haven't taken time to up date. I still need to put my pictures on the new computer.

I started a blog for my mom but I haven't done much with it and haven't taught her anything about it yet. I will have to get on that so she can catch up with your parents. Do they live there in town? I love having my mom close by!

Good to hear from you! I will try to not be such a loser and stay in touch better. We might be in Safford next weekend. I will let you know. Maybe we can meet up!

Diana said...

Of coarse you can make an order through me!!!

just email me endthompson@gmail.com and let me know what you want. (is there some rule about not putting email addresses on here cuz I usually see people spell out the at sign and the dot)

You can go on their website goldcanyon.com to look at their products.

I am going to try to close it by Monday evening and then hopefully they will come in in time for me to bring them to you next weekend.

Mary Ann said...

I love things that bring back memories! Glad you got some time with your Grammie. Those cookies look great!