Saturday, January 29, 2011

To my sweet friend...Darylin Farar

You keep my heart full of love for you and your sweet family! My heart also aches for the loss that you have been asked to bare as a mom, and this seems unfair to me, but I trust in our Heavenly Father and in his plan, I know he needed Dylan more than we did, but feel selfish in my mortal mind that I still want him here to be with you and give you the healing that you need! My Prayers and fasting dear friend are all I can do right now that I know will help you, maybe in a small way, but I know that our Father in heaven counts your tears and hears your heartache and knows that all will work out in the end, we just don't know what that means sometimes!!! I have found a few friends that I have shared your story with and hope that you find some kind of support from them!!! I love you Darylin and hope you know that if I could I would take this away, but for now that can't be done!!!! Though I don't know personally what it means to loose a child, My mother in law does and from her example and her testimony she has shown us that in time it will get easier to deal with although everyday she still thinks of him and misses him as do the rest of us, she has become a great inspiration to alot of people and helps others that have been chosen to bare this tragic trial!!! she has taught me a great deal and I know that you will one day do the same!!!! I love you sweet friend.....I hope you find some kind of peace in this .....with all my prayers....all my love

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