Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Everyday this week I am trying to find different words or talks or songs that will help me, in the end, to put all together and hopefully have a talk that will help, not only me, but someone else who needs to hear the words of this topic! Gratitude! As I pray to have the spirit with me to give me inspiration and guidance as I write this talk I loved this song and what it really means, what life is REALLY all about!!! Each one of these people I'm sure felt so grateful for the person before, who helped them in some "small" way, but it made a huge impact in there life!!! I want to strive to be like this and think like this always! What a difference someone else's trial makes, in your life! But in return what a difference your trial makes in the life of someone else! Its neat to think about!!! Enjoy


The Gooding Family said...

Tifani, you already ARE like that. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. I love you!

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing, I love this!
I just posted on my blog. This song has so much meaning, it leaves you wanting to do better for others. Thank you.

Happy to meet you! Thanks for following Deck The Halls of HOME with Joy!
Love, Brenda