Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

We had a blast this Thanksgiving!!! I really can't believe that I didn't get one picture with Rex but well I didn't. I am so sad!!! So if any of my family is reading this and got a pic of Rex with us I would love to have one. The food was great and staying up late was good too. I can't wait to post pics of our family Christmas party.

Thanks for the matching aprons shamoms. they are so stinkin cute


The Gooding Family said...

Not only are the aprons stinking cute, so are you girls!!

eilsel said...

What is up that turkey's butt?
My dad did the pit method one year. I remember hearing him shouting, "Holy $#&*! The turkey is still raw!"
My mom cooked it in the microwave before the in-laws arrived!