Monday, December 15, 2008


Misty came to see me the night before Thanksgiving and we were waiting for her mom so we let the kids play outback and we decided to go into my room and talk on my bed which we love to do every time she comes over!! Thanks Babe for giving up your good night sleep so we can chat and catch up!! Your the best =)
So while we were in there talking Brian comes in with the camera and starts taking pictures of us while we were laughing and the first words out of Misty's mouth were "I'm nervous" It was the funniest thing all three of us had ever heard. We laughed so hard are stomachs were hurting so bad!!! I love Misty she is the Best!!!!


Nicole said...

Great friendships are such a treasure!!!!!

The Gooding Family said...

I can hear her saying that! That is so funny. I love you both and miss you. How neat that you've been best friends for so many years!

eilsel said...

Misty is such a crack up. When she gets in her giggle fits they are sooo contagious! You two put together are a dangerous pair! You are lucky one of you didn't wet your pants... unless you just didn't tell us about that part!;)