Monday, December 15, 2008

My Happiness!!!

I got some pics of the kids and I a couple of weeks ago!!! I love these three.

Kaely is 9 and our Drama Queen and she is proud of it!! She loves to read and is starting to enjoy math more and more. She loves to babysit and can't wait till mom and dad leave her to do it by herself!!!
Cambry is 6 and still loves horses. She loves that Aunt Amy takes her out a lot and now is riding by herself on her own horse. She loves to run them and Amy says she does really good. She loves school and her teacher and she is a big help to me!!!

Bubba D is 4 and so full of energy i can't keep up with him. He loves his work boots and his pants to be wearing at the bottom so he can look like his dad. He loves tools and also has an obession with coloring. He is so fun and we can't ever get enough of him.

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Cami X said...

You are ALWAYS so cute! So jealous!