Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This was Heathers first time on Screamin and I think she liked it? I think they all look so cute posing for this picture!! Notice I was not their, I am the one taking the picture!! HAHAHAHA But they did get me on Splash Mountain which I thought I would hate and it wasn't too too bad!! ;-)

When we were on Thunder Mountain our train stopped all of a sudden and these guys had to come and get us off the ride!! This was our train and the rest of it is hanging down the tracks behind us!! We had to exit the ride from here! A little scary!

Here we are just chillin waiting for someone to come and get us!!!

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Cami D. said...

Hey - not only crazy that I ran into you at Disneyland but that I saw your blog too! Ha ha...what are the odds??

I am glad you guys had fun at Disneyland too!!