Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One day and counting!!!!

Tomorrow starts our couples getaway with my Sisters and their husbands. We are going to California to see my brother Rex and visit him at Disneyland with NO KIDS!!!!! How fun is that. WE will probably spend a day at the beach and then just veg. YIPPY!!! This is our first getaway that we have had together without kids, so we are all sooooooooooooo excited. I'll post pics when we get back!!!!!


emmielou said...

How fun! Hope you enjoy your vaca with no kiddies and have a very safe trip.

The Skousen's said...

No fair! No fair! No Fair!hahaha j/k Thou shalt not covet! Right!! Hope you have a Great time!

Koi said...

I want to do that too. Actually I might miss my two little turd heads too much and feel guilty for leaving them. Hope you had fun though, while your kids stayed at home and dreamed of Mickey and all the Magic they were missing out on. No guilt there, right?