Tuesday, March 4, 2008

FHE sabbatage

So last night we cleaned out our garage for FHE and the kids were so excited about the brownies I had made before dinner. while we were out cleaning Kaely came in and wanted to make Hot Chocolate for everyone since it was so cold outside. So she turned on the burner to the kettle(she thought) and came back outside!! Brian went into the house 10 min later and smelled something burning and realized Kaely turned on the burner that was under the Brownies, so he grabbed a hot pad and moved it over and about 2 or 3 sec. later he said the thing EXPLODED not even kidding!! I can't believe that he nor Kaely were hurt cause they were both standing infront of the stove!! I heard something break while I was in the garage and came in to find him and Kaely staring at the stove with shock. It was crazy. we were finding glass 6 and 7 feet away from the stove. It was crazy!! Needless to say Brian took care of the dessert after that and everyone got DQ!!! So they weren't to sad for very long!!!


Shawna said...

Holy crap Tiff. I've never heard of that happening. Crazy!

Lacey said...

Wow that is crazy! Well looks like you have had an eventful last while. How fun to have a getaway with your hubby! You look great by the way. Poor Kambry with her black eye. I'm with Kaely I love volleyball. It is so fun! I miss playing with the "girls" in my old ward in Az. Love ya!

Abby said...

Geeze - that's happened to me TWICE and it's SO freaky! (don't ask...blonde stuff) It's amazing that nobody got a face full of glass! Especially standing right by the stove - wow!