Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Washington here we come!!!!

Me and Miss Bryn March 2010

I am so excited, Brynlee and I get to go visit Aunti Nana and Uncle Ben for 4 days! We are soooooo excited to see all of them, I miss them sooooo much! I will be taking TONS of pictures so I hope to get them on here faster than then others that still need posting!! oh well tons of time right? a little worried about doing the plane ride with Brynlee but hopfully all goes well! love to all
ps. see u on thursday shamoms :)
that makes me so giddy to say that,

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Allred's said...

Hey Tiff, I did a plane ride with Kyla when she was 6 months old and Macy...we took her to Rome when she was 4 weeks old. Nuts I know, but the biggest trick is to make sure they are sucking on take-off and landing for their little ears. So, I don't know if you nurse, but that is an option, or bottle, or paci....good luck and have tonz of fun!!! Oh, and this is one more little sneaky trick. If you sit next to the window, you can possibly change her on your lap and no one will notice...unless it really smells...but the bathroom on the plane is so teeny that maneuvering is tough to do....anyways...love you and have fun