Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Being Me......

Me and Bryn May 2010
Being me is, well, interesting, being me is
tired after 9:30pm
love love loving to smuggle my husband
spiritual energy(but something I have to work on day in and day out) don't we all!!!!
hair in ponytail most days
comfy levi's, T'shirt,flipflops
pulling the hair out of the pony and dressing up when going out with the hubby and the girlies!!
new wood crafty freak!!!
loving my kids
loving my friends
striving to make my home and place to walk into and just breath after coming in out of the storm!
never wanting to bend over to pick stuff up (it kills)
always striving to make someone happy
thankful everyday for wonderful family and friends
mostly calm(I said mostly!!!)
heart protector
a daughter of my Heavenly Father
watched over
Today I am washing clothes, cleaning rooms and making green chili for burros tonight!!! Yummy, Cheej and ber want to come for dinner tonight!!!!!!!!! ;>


Abby said...

awwww - I totally love this! It made me feel happy to be in the same boat sort of - (minus the green chili burros...so jealous about that...) Thanks for sharing this.

Shawna said...

Being you is being a rock star. You're a freaking rock star! AND, I am a groupie that follows you around on tour and scream from the front row at every concert with my cigarette lighter waving proudly in the air.

I'm a huge fan of Tiff.

She's rad!

The Gooding Family said...

I am blinking back tears. I miss you, Tif! I am grateful to have such great friends, even though we are miles apart and don't get to see eachother. (and I think the world of Abby and Shawna, too)



Steph said...

Love it! You are warm, caring, happy and loving! I miss you, Tif!