Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing catch-up...........

Trying to keep Bryn happy on our way to Taylor(July 2010)
I forgot to post some other pics of our trip to Taylor!!! We love going up to the high country and getting out of this HEAT!!!! It actually got a little nippy that night!!! The kids were cold, I love it, not the kids being cold but the weather!!!

Stern shot (this one's for you Weez)
Little miss Bryn was livin it up in the snuggly on mom!!! She so has it made!
Oh I love when she falls asleep, I could eat those lips!!!! YUMMY
Hebbie and little miss Brynlee, She loves her auntie Hebbie and I think she lost a few pounds after Hebbie ate on her all week!!!

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Diana said...

She does have sweet lips! So cute!