Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part one of The Gardner/Davis Reunion July 2010

Missy Moo wanted to feed Miss Bryn after we got to Utah and was getting settled into our hotel room!!! I love these two little girls and was so glad that they got to go with us!!!!! I could seriously devour them both!!! YUMMY
Brian, me, Shawna Heather and Trevor and kids all went to a really good place in Hurricane to eat dinner on Friday night! It was so yummy and tasted very similar to Cafe Rio, can't go wrong there!!!! Then Brynlee decided to bless me with her dinner, yup, good times

We pretty much took up the capacity of the whole restaurant, AWESOME
Our view from our room, this pic doesn't do it justice!!! It was beautiful there! HOT, but beautiful
Shawna took some of the kiddos swimming while the rest of us went shopping in the little shops
Cam was loving jumping in
Sorry shamoms, I think you got totally soaked on this one!!!! That's our Cam ;)
Here is us on our little walk, we were leaving our Hotel to go walking down the little isles of shops,
Mimi, Cody, Trevor (wyatt) Heather and C.J
This is where leelee was most of the trip!!! she loved it and I didn't hear much complaining from her daddy either!!!
This Candy Company in Springdale should be on the food network, I wish I would have taken a pic of it inside, it was so cute and Yummy Yummy candy EVERYWHERE!!!! A dream, but not for the waistline!!!
Trevor, Cam Cody and Brian bringing in the food!!!!
He looks so happy!!!
Mom and Jessy getting the fishing pond ready
(l to r) Jenny, Carri, dacia, flo bryn,Syndney, Jessy, mom, kaely, shamoms and Hebbie
ALOT of talking went on, it's what the Gardners do best, sit around and talk, we could do it for hours, oh wait we did!!!
Kristi, Gentry, Jessie,Trevor, Flo, Brynlee, and Codster
Grayson, Inette, C.j, and Amer
Doyle and Dad, poor kid got his picture taken while he was serving a time out!!!
Brynlee loves sleeping on her Aunt Flo! This little girl has her aunt Flo wrapped around her little finger ;0
Sweet Sweet Kelsey, we miss these guys tons and also their mama, we love you Calli!!! Hope you are doing good!
Theron being a stud!!! I am going to miss these kids so much! They leave next Thurs, the 29th bound for Washington!!! but Fiffy will be there soon to visit!!! Uncle Brian promised
Me and Hebbie taken pics of each other, Love her
papa and Kaely, Dad was such a sport, his back was killing him and bless his heart he made it to all the events. It's been 2 weeks since we were there and he is just barely starting to be able to get up and around without having to lay down all day, he has been in so much pain, it's pretty sad when your dad calls u to take him to the chiropractor and he can't sit in the seat so you have to lay the seats down in the back and lay him back there with pillows propped under his head and your husband has to follow you to the Dr to help you get him out!!! I love you dad and am so glad that you are starting to do better!!!
So this is my awesome sister Shawna!!! I was just thinking to myself that it is a good thing that Heather is the normal one of us 3 but then looked at the picture a little closer and behind Shamama is that 3 NORMAL sister Heather!!! It is what it is, I guess, ;) I totally love my sisters and don't know what I would do without them in my life!!!
Mom and Inette getting the gang all riled up!!!! That's a weez word, Thanks mom and Inette and Flo for all you did, and got, mom thanks so much to you and Dad for stalking our rooms with ALL the necessities!!! You guys are amazing!!!
I love my Hubby and love when he makes me laugh!!! He is my favorite!!!

The kids fishing!!!!!!!!
Inette and Gentry and Kristi looking good guys!!!! I can't wait for that baby to get here!
Little Eryn looking as adorable as ever, she was such a chunk and I can't wait for Brynlee to get that chunky cause Eryn sure was fun to eat on!!! I love her she is so stinkin cute!!!!
Sorry weez I had to post this pic cuz shamoms was lookin HOT HOT HOT

Brynlee and Daddy just chillin while all the other kids fished
Ber, Cheej, Grayson and Carri just shotin the bull!!!!
The mummy game was so fun and I think that Jessy and Kaely won this one!!!!
Lovin Nana and leelee
Our group pic minus a couple people, Rex, Ben and Crystals family, we missed you guys!!!!
Yep there had to be one of these!!!!
Now that is love, Shawna and I were laughing at these two!!! We love you guys
The cousins doing our famous Jumping shot!!! We are AWESOME!!!
just some cute pics of leelee, I am glad we brought her to babysit nana in the back seat on the way to Utah!!! She was the best one on the trip, I'm serious too!!!
we took a bus ride around the park and it was so pretty but it started to get dark and all the kids started to fall asleep, YES!!!!
Mike and Inette

Gentry and Kristi's kids so sweet
The gand on the bus

Doyle fell in love with Jessy and she was such a good sport to put up with him!! He loved being with her and when we left he said that he was" going to miss being with that pretty girl" We love you Jessy

Cheej peeking in on his wifey
I couldn't get enough of these two!!! Brian was the best sport and kept her in that thing cause it hurt my back to carry it with her!!!!There is a reason she cam 8 weeks early, cause My back would have for sure given out if I would have carried her to term!!!! Look at those "chunky" thighs!


Shawna said...

Good times, good times!

I'm excited for the next reunion!

Sue said...

Oh I am missing everyone and laughed at us all havin' fun EXCEPT Shamama's HOT HOT HOT pic!
We are an amazing family and those are some awesome pictures now we need to get Hebbie to post her pics and I will have my photo album of the reunion!!! Oh, I loved the one of those guys shotin' the breeze, got ya Tiffy!!!
Love to ALL the Floyd and Madele Gardner Families!!!!!!!!!!