Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Cam just being cute~!!! She had to make one for her teacher and Mija the dog!!
Doyle was so careful
Dying eggs
Uncle cheej and Bryn....
Never fall asleep while in a room full of gardners!!! I won't post the pic of the other one but boy was it funny!!! Brian would KILL me!!!
Me, Brian (asleep) Aunt Ber, Uncle cheej and Brynlee
I don't know why I look so mad in this picture!!!
Me and Cheej
Family Pic
The kiddo's ( Doyle 5, Cambry 8, Kaely 10 1/2, Brynlee 1 month)
Flo getting some luvin from Bryn
The Hunt!!! Cheej and I did an awesome job hiding those babies!!!

Papa taught Cam and Kaely how to ride the 4-wheeler and they loved it, here is Cambry and Doyle grazing the back yard!!!

I loved this pic of Doyle and Brynlee


Jenny Sue said...

So fun! I love that picture too of Doyles hand with Bryn's hand! Great shot. The one of Flo and Bryn is cute too. Well, they all are. ok, and check out how HAPPY Cheej and Ber are holding Brynlee!!! Watch out Sue! I'm sure you'll be having more baby's here really soon! Holy moly! They are like totally glowing! If Brynlee turns up missing, check with Amber first. lol and I still can't get over how much Gentry and C.j look alike! Glad you had a good Easter!

Jenny Sue said...

Oh ya, and, Tif, your kids are all so beautiful. They look like Brian, but...they have your beauty. I don't know how that all works. does. They have your 'stunningness"